3 things I learned at the Spirit Junkie Masterclass that you need to hear RIGHT now.

If you follow me on social media, you might have seen that I was in New York City last weekend for something called the “Spirit Junkie Masterclass”. It is the brainchild of the one and only Gabby Bernstein who is an amazing spiritual thought leader and is pretty much kicking ass in the spiritual and mindfulness space right now.

My dad died last August, I quit my very cushy job that I never thought I would leave, and I decided to just follow my dreams with no clue as to what I was doing (and most days still don’t).  I dove deeper into my meditation practice and found Gabby through a series of fortunate online events and devoured all her books and videos and became a follower.

Spirit Junkie Masterclass is a three day “retreat” of sorts for anyone who considers themselves a coach, a healer, or a spiritual practicer, who wants to meld this passion with a business. Essentially, we want to change the world by implementing a little “woo” into our work. My business is inspiring moms to create the mind shift that is needed to truly prepare for the long game of motherhood and impact our future for generations to come, through their children.

What I came away with were not only new learnings for myself, but several A-HA moments that apply directly to moms. Here are a few things I learned that might change how you look at motherhood, whether you are a new or experienced momma:

1)Compassion is a higher vibration than empathy

If you have ever taken yoga, or practiced meditation or followed the teachings of many of today’s spiritual thought leaders, you may have heard the term “vibration”. Human beings are energy. The higher our vibration, the higher our energy and the more power we possess to experience more happiness and greater clarity and to heal. The lower our vibration, the more physical ailments we tend to acquire and the more negative our life seems. People in a higher vibration will be able to draw people in a lower vibration up and towards the light in times of darkness. It is important for those in a higher vibration to STAY there. If you have ever been told you are an empath (I have), then you need to listen up. It’s time to stop being one.

As moms, when we don’t practice self care, when we allow ourselves to sink into a dark place, or become overwhelmed, we lower our vibration. When we get taken over with empathy and emotion because our child is unwell or frustrated, we lower our vibration. How can we truly affect change if we lower that energy? It is not only OK but it is CRUCIAL that we get ourselves to a higher vibration and STAY there as we parent and nurture our relationships. Making sure that you have anchored yourself in a solid place and that you are able to be the light that your child (and your family) needs is necessary for us to be effective as parents. Be compassionate, and then lead from a place of strength.

2)Moms must find their dharma

Gabby spoke a lot about “dharma” last weekend, and it is actually a word with sanskrit origins that has been translated differently in different teachings. For this post, I’ll stick with Gabby’s definition which is essentially that dharma refers to your essence. Your calling. Your vocation. She said “90% of us hang out in the VICINITY of our dharma our whole lives. Don’t be a backup singer at your own concert“. BOOM. Say that out loud. Are you a backup singer at your own concert? If you are a mom, I bet you might be. This is your life and I bet you think you’ve had to give everything up to take care of your kids. Your job is to show up as a parent, yes. But it is NOT your dharma. There is something else outside of being a parent that not only lights you up but brings gifts to the world that only YOU can bring. What is that? Find that and nurture that. As a mother, I am at my highest vibration when I’m living in my dharma and am able to show up for my kids in an epic way that not only lifts them up, but also teaches them an important lesson in life:to find your gifts and change the world. If you have a bubbling inside of you to pursue your dreams and live your dream life, take a listen to this episode from last week, where we talk about exactly that.

3)Your wounds are your wisdom

So many of us are broken. The wounds we have endured have beaten us down. As moms, we endure so much. We cannot allow these experiences to contribute to our limiting beliefs of what is possible as mothers. So many moms these days are martyrs-they have given up so much of themselves and they have let go of the wheel because they feel they cannot possibly have control over their overwhelming lives. They have gone through too much and some days don’t know how they can go on. But, our wounds are our wisdom. Honour them so you can guide your children from that place. Often it is your deepest pain that helps you to grow into your highest self. I definitely found this to be true. My dad’s death was (and is) by far my biggest wound. But I have allowed it to teach me. To help me grow. I will also use it to guide my life and my family’s life because with his death came so much enlightenment in my life. What are your wounds? You can start NOW to acknowledge them and turn them into wisdom.


If you resonate with any of this, go check out more of gabby’s stuff at www.gabbybernstein.com.


Because. She’s Awesome.