A few of my FAVORITE things

So, I know it’s been awhile since you heard from me. I won’t play the twin card this time. What’s changed since my last post is that I have changed jobs. Still with the same company, but in a position that I have coveted for a long time. The caveat is that it requires way more travel. And when I say way more I mean 70% more. GASP! But how can you leave your kids? They’re so young? Don’t you miss them! These are the (often judgemental) questions I get. Here’s the thing. If you don’t know me well, you may think I’m this cold hearted career driven woman who decided (too late in life) to have children just so I could prove that I can have it all. Because I started later in life I may have had fertility treatments of some kind to get some help and we all know they often result in twins, and what better way to be an over achiever than to show I can not only have a career but also raise twins! Right?!!? WRONG.
The reality is I always thought that once I had kids I would be a stay at home mom. I truly believed that. Except that somewhere between landing an awesome career and having children I realized I actually need something outside of my family to stimulate me mentally. I need something I can call my own. Having children shouldn’t change the fact that I am a human being with my own needs and wants. This may change in the future but right now I have found a balance between a job I love and being a wife and a mother. I have the luxury of scheduling my “away” time in a way that best fits my life and family. I have an amazingly supportive husband who my boys happen to be ridiculously attached to so if mom is not around, they are perfectly fine because they have dad. I am fortunate to be able to leave my children at home in a comfortable environment with a caregiver who is pretty much like family. And when I AM home, I have the privilege of a home office where I can pop my head out and snuggle them whenever I want. Our time together is always quality time. My boys know that mommy might leave for a few days but she always comes back, and in the meantime, they get to hang out with dad. My husband is just as involved with them as I am, and I don’t know that I can say that about most dads I know. It’s because of this that I am ok with being gone more. It’s because of him that I can pursue my dream of being a working mom. My life has changed in a huge way, but although I travel more, the happiness I feel in a position that truly fulfills me, has no price. The support I have from my husband has no bounds. If I can have a meaningful and fulfilling career with twins, so can any mom.
So having justified my new job that keeps me insanely busy, let me just get to the point to be very Oprah-like this holiday season and share with you MY FAVORITE THINGS. I’m turning 40 next year and you know how I love skincare so I must share my latest finds.


This stuff is THE BOMB. Late one night while I was googling “botox alternatives” I came across some articles about bee venom and how it is supposed to mimic the effects of Botox. Supposedly, Kate Middleton indulges. Well, if it’s good enough for Kate it’s good enough for me so off I went sourcing the best. I came across this brand which is local for me (find it here)and although I don’t think it quite duplicates the effects of botox, I do think my skin feels amazing after I put it on, and I do feel it is a little tingly and more plump these days. The theory behind it does support the parallel to the numbing effects of Botox-but I can still move my face-however I do get a ton of compliments on my skin these days-If nothing else it just FEELS luxurious. I use it about once or twice a week as an overnight “mask”. Look it up and research it for yourself-i bet you’ll be intrigued! LOVE!


Another late night googling find. I think I was looking for an alternative to mechanical gritty exfoliating. As my skin gets older and drier and more sensitive, I find grainy exfoliators hard on my skin. I have had “gommage” during spa facials and wanted an at home version. Well this is it. A clear gel substance that magically “balls” up when rubbed into your skin. I don’t know how it works because the ingredients seem fairly benign, but it exfoliates your skin without being harsh. My face truly feels like a baby’s bottom afterwards. You can only order this stuff from Japan -there are many sites that sell it, I ordered from Amazon-so you’ll have to search online for it-I use it 2 to 3 times a week.

And finally-I’ve saved the best for last…


Once you try these bad boys you will be a believer-I actually don’t have issues with dark under eye circles but again, as I get older I try to be more proactive with the areas that show age first. Of course the delicate skin around the eyes is always the first to tell-I was looking for a special luxurious treat that would hydrate and firm and I just picked these up on a whim (London drugs). They are pricey (3 masks in the package for about $27.00) but I like to try anything interesting at least once. I opened up the package, applied the gel like mask according to directions and relaxed quietly for 15 minutes. When I removed it I was blown away. I actually got much more than I was expecting. Not only did the skin under my eyes look incredibly tight and refreshed, but it was LIGHTER too! I would highly recommend this as a part of your pre party prep routine over the holidays, or alternatively-if you are a sleep deprived mom this will make you look like you don’t have kids. I’m serious. Try it.


That’s it that’s all! I would love to hear if you get a chance to try any of these things! Happy holidays everyone! Keep it merry!

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