Meet Sunit

Sunit Suchdev is an author and a speaker with an undergraduate degree in health sciences. She is also a certified life coach, adult educator, functional nutritionist, and meditation teacher.

She has a lot of pieces of paper under her belt that suggest she might know a thing or two about health and wellness but her true knowledge comes from 30 years of experience in a variety of industries. Sunit has done everything from coaching elite level gymnastics to working with kids with autism, and even spent 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Ultimately, it was her dad's terminal brain cancer diagnosis that introduced her to essential oils, holistic health, and a deep desire to do life DIFFERENTLY.

After having a breakdown that allowed her to break through..she is now serving women who are READY for it ALL. She walks the walk and talks the talk. She believes that leading through example is the best way to inspire those who crave MORE in this lifetime. She is passionate about inspiring women to live a more intentional, holistic, and high vibe life, and bases her offerings and podcast around taking our power back in the areas of mind, body, soul, and motherhood.

Sunit lives in Vancouver, Canada with her wonderful husband and twin boys, and is the host of the Holi Life Podcast.