Another Way to Eat Brussels Sprouts

array of fresh vegetables in an open air market

If you’re anything like me…you’ve only ever thought of brussels sprouts as something to be steamed or roasted. For years, I have been making them the same way…lightly seasoned with some coconut oil and then roasted to make them browned and crispy. Yummmmy, right?

One day, I had an epiphany. I’m in my forties now. There has GOT to be another way to consume these little balls of goodness.  Time to change it up! What if….I chopped them up and used their leaves like spinach or lettuce instead? I did a quick google search…to make sure I’m not crazy and people actually do this. Cruciferous vegetables are a whole other level of health, especially when it comes to helping balance female hormones, so I’m always looking for more ways to add them to my diet.

Yup, I’m not crazy. I saw a couple of decent looking recipes, but you know me, I’m not really a recipe follower. I like to take other people’s recipes as inspiration but I always like to put my own twist on it. The biggest twist being, that I make it more simple because ain’t nobody got time for complex food! I pretty much nailed it the first time with this salad and if you follow me over on Instagram you’ll know it has become a staple in our home. So, here is the quick and easy way I make this salad, and remember, don’t  be tied to the specifics….make it your own!

Big Girl Brussels Sprout Salad


Brussels Sprouts (Obvs)

Whatever other toppings you wanna throw in there…I like toasted nuts of some sort, pumpkin seeds, and dried tart cherries

Maple Syrup, Extra Virgin Olive oil and some fresh orange or lemon juice for the dressing

Oily Tip: You can use pure food grade essential oils in your dressing! I love to add a drop of Doterra wild orange or lemon oil into it to deepen and brighten the flavour!

The most complex part of this recipe is having to chop up the brussels sprouts. It is time consuming and annoying but you wanna get them nice and fine enough to be able to chomp on.

Then, toast up the cashews or whatever nuts you’ve chosen.

Make your dressing. Im not a numbers girl, I do a little of this and a little of that and I always adjust to taste, but a good rule of thumb is 2 tablespoons of EVOO, 1 tablespoon of Maple Syrup, and a squeeze of a citric fruit with one drop of essential oil like I mentioned above.

Add all the nuts and dried cherries, throw in the dressing, and toss.

See how easy that was? You could also add some chicken if that’s your thing. 

I love salads as complete meals. They are healthy, customizable, and simple to throw together.


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