BIZ TO BABES BONUS EPISODE 21:Babyproof Your Business with Arianna Taboada.

Arianna works with first time pregnant moms who are going to be returning to work or have very little time to take off, to help them prepare in all areas of the transition.

Arianna helps women prepare their business with systems to ensure that you can support and maintain your own health so you can transition smoothly out and then back in.

The second trimester is the golden time for women to be preparing and thinking ahead about taking time away from their business.

Specific things to think about will depend on your type of business but the key categories to prepare systems in advance for are:


Listen in as Arianna and Sunit discuss:

-how to have a stress free maternity leave if you choose to take time away from your business
-how to delegate
-how to build a “mom” tribe around your personal life AND your business
-how having a business is like having a baby and why you’ll be successful as a mom if you are a business owner
-how being a happy healthy mom impacts our future



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