BIZ TO BABES BONUS EPISODE 23:How to have the career of your dreams with Rashida Joyce

Today’s episode is for ANY mom who wants to spend more time with their kids and work on their own terms.

Sunit interviews Rashida of Rashida Joyce consulting. Rashida helps women achieve the career and life of their dreams.

Sunit and Rashida both think you can have it all as a mom. You just have to get creative.

Listen in as Sunit and Rashida discuss:

-the turning point for Rashida in her biz to babes journey
-the mind shift that occurs when you realize you CAN be a mom and have a career/business on your own terms
-the steps Rashida took to adapt her career to her motherhood and how she continued to morph her desires to eventually start running her own successful business
-actionable tips to start the ball rolling with running your own business
-the revenue possibilities of working from home (hint:it’s not 6 figures a YEAR)

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