BIZ TO BABES BONUS EPISODE 25:The Power Of Negotiation for Working Moms

This episode will be especially valuable for any mom or mom to be who may be getting ready to go off on a maternity leave, or come back from one.

Cynthia Spitalny is President and Founder of Shewill, which is dedicated to getting women to own their voices and their value. Her super power is getting women to own their value via becoming master negotiators in every aspect of their lives, including with employers, vendors, partners, children, husbands, and friends. She is currently building a negotiating course for women as her first major product that will be launching in 2017. Cynthia has been published in the Elite Daily, MindBodyGreen, and LinkedIn.

Be inspired as Cynthia shares her story about coming up with solutions to support more “female friendly” policies at her workplace.

Sunit shares a personal story about why she feels that negotiation skills are especially important for moms to be and new moms. She didn’t even attempt to negotiate when she was in an unfavourable situation of returning to work after having babies and wishes she would have tried.

Cynthia talks about the top things a woman going off on mat leave or returning from a mat leave should keep in mind, it is really just about knowing what you want and starting a conversation. The most important thing is to know and own your value. what do you bring to the table? Leverage that. For a company to replace you would cost way more than working with you to come to an agreement.

Sunit asks what to do when you ask for what you want an the employers says no. Listen in as Cynthia talks about why no is just the beginning of the conversation, among many other great tips!

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