BIZ TO BABES BONUS EPISODE 27: How to Juggle a Startup with Small Kids

Sunit interviews Lindsay Slutzky, Chief Marketing Officer at Jiobit.
Jiobit is a wearable location tracker for kids and the idea to create and launch this productwas brought to her by a friend and previous colleague of hers.
Lindsay talks about how she decided to make the leap to start working at this startup and exactly how this opportunity came to be for her.
Lindsay and Sunit talk about how having a job or position that you are truly passionate about becomes more important when you are leaving your kids for 40 plus hours per week.
Lindsay talks about all the considerations she gave to being a part of this project and why she decided to make the leap.
Lindsay has 4 kids and 2 of them were under the age of 3 at that time so Sunit asks her for tips on how you navigate a startup/new business when you have young kids.
Listen in as they talk about:
-the 3 valuable tips on how to do this successfully with small kids
-the partner’s role in parenting and why letting go of control is so important
-how you can offload tiny household jobs onto your kids, no matter what age they are

Sunit asks Lindsay to share advice for any new moms out there who might be on the verge of a great business idea.

Lindsay says this feeling is rare and if you have that feeling, you HAVE to go for it. The anxiety of doing something is way worse than actually doing it.
They talk about the immense power of moms, and that we have the skills to do ANYTHING we put our minds to. Sunit says we have to take our power back. It is a superpower to be a mother. We undervalue ourselves- for anyone listening right now…you are not JUST a mom.
They talk more about the Jiobit. It is a wearable location tracker that coordinates with your phone to tell you where your child is. It tracks your child in real time. It is a highly encrypted device that only allows YOU to track them. There are no distance limitations so you can track your child even if you are not in the same part of the world. Operates on similar technology to your phone.
Check out the website and get on the waitlist for the Jiobit!
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Check out Lindsay’s Mother’s Day Blog Post that she refers to! It’s a good one!