BIZ TO BABES BONUS EP 17: Juggling Work and Babies with Monica Froese

Monica Froese headshotMonica Froese is an author and business strategist, and in addition to having been asked to come speak at the WHITEHOUSE (listen to the episode for more info!), she has all sorts of other cool things under her belt. She even helps women start their own businesses in just 45 days!

In this episode, Monica and Sunit talk about why blogging isn’t a business, unless it IS your business, and how to do it all (but not really). They talk about outsourcing and delegating and how to say “no”.


What do you enjoy doing that you can monetize, so you can actually afford to outsource? Monica does the math and tells us how swapping what you don’t love with what you do love can actually help you “buy back time” once you become a mom. In this episode they:

-talk about systems, streamlining, and preparing ahead to make life easier as a working mom.

-get real about “social calendars” these days and how to minimize all the clutter in your life: physical, social and emotional.

-discuss getting on the same page as your partner and having a “contingency” plan for your new normal. Learn to say no…being selfish may not be easy, but it’s ok.

Working mom, stay at home mom or work at home moms, this episode is for you!

Give your family the gift of a happy healthy mom and go listen to this episode to be inspired!


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