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5 Things to Stop Doing in 2017 to be Happier and More Fulfilled

By Sunit | Dec 28, 2016

1.Stop comparing yourself to others. Moms especially have a tendency to do this. It is crazy making and unnecessary. Compare yourself to yesterday. Did you do better today? Good. That’s all that matters. Compare where you are at to where YOU want to be. Keep your eyes on the prize. Your prize. Not anyone else’s.…

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The Intentional Bookshelf-Book Review

By Sunit | Dec 25, 2016

  When I found out I was having not one, but TWO babies, my wheels started turning. I wanted to be a great mom. I wanted to raise awesome kids. I wanted to do it all without losing myself. I didn’t have family close by or alot of extra help so I knew it would…

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The Heartbreak of Follow Through

By Sunit | Dec 15, 2016

Follow through. You hear this term a lot as a parent. Especially when it comes to disciplining your children. Don’t start anything you don’t want to continue and always follow through on your threats and your promises. I have found this to be extremely effective and not overly difficult. I will not hesitate to leave…

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Preparing for motherhood-the fine balance of planning and following your intuition

By Sunit | Nov 26, 2016

So you’re pregnant! Or maybe starting to think about trying to get there. Im sure you are inundated with information from every angle. You are scouring pinterest for nursery ideas and chatting with your friends and family about baby names. You’ve got your copy of “what to expect when you’re expecting”. In an age of…

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Hey momma! Get your SELF back, or don’t lose her in the first place.

By Sunit | Nov 20, 2016

One of the first things I coach to when I work with expecting moms who don’t want to lose themselves in motherhood, is getting reacquainted with your SELF. I really ask you to dig deep and get down to the nitty gritty of what makes you, YOU. If you are a new or expecting mom…

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The top 10 things a man can do to ensure he’s on top of his reproductive game!

By Sunit | Nov 13, 2016

  When that time comes that we decide we want to get pregnant, it’s often easy to forget that although it will be the woman who will be getting pregnant, it truly takes two to tango. Women put so much time and energy into making sure they are prepared that it’s often easy to forget…

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Start as you mean to go-the simple parenting concept that I always come back to.

By Sunit | Nov 8, 2016

If there was ONLY one tip I could give new and expecting parents it is this: START AS YOU MEAN TO GO. Meaning, start doing things right from the beginning, as you want to be doing them forever (or for as long as they are relevant!). Of course this advice needs to be tempered because…

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5 things to start doing today to move towards a healthier lifestyle

By Sunit | Nov 6, 2016

After people in my immediate family started getting diagnosed with cancer and auto immune diseases I really stepped up my game when it came to researching health and wellness. When I was pregnant with my twins I suddenly became hyper aware that they were inheriting these genes. Or were they? Are these diseases genetic? I…

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Elevate your family life-my guest post for Gillian Perkins

By Sunit | Nov 4, 2016

If you don’t know Gillian Perkins, you must go check her out right now. She is an online business expert and life organization coach (with TONS of valuable tips on her blog by the way!) and also has a bestselling book called “Sorted” that talks all things organization. I was honoured to be able to…

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