Elevate your family life-my guest post for Gillian Perkins

If you don’t know Gillian Perkins, you must go check her out right now. She is an online business expert and life organization coach (with TONS of valuable tips on her blog by the way!) and also has a bestselling book called “Sorted” that talks all things organization. I was honoured to be able to contribute to her blog this week! Part of having a happy home life is being organized, and this includes schedules and routines. So many parents are given bad advice in the early days. “Just take the baby’s lead”, or “babies can’t be scheduled”. Bullshit! It’s a BABY! You don’t take it’s lead! You provide it the necessities of life and you take the reigns and give that child some structure and guidance! Scheduling SAVED me, because I was having TWINS! If I didn’t implement structure from day 1, I would be changing diapers and feeding around the clock. If you are interested in how I did it, check out my post here….

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