Episode 01: Jennifer Blossom Interviews Sunit Suchdev for her very first Episode!

Jenny Blossom

Jennifer Blossom is the host of the Blossom to be Fit show and is interviewing Sunit to introduce her to Modern Mommy prepschool listeners.

Jenny asks Sunit to tell listeners about the show format-Sunit says that the first episode is meant to share her vision for the podcast but moving forward it will be Sunit interviewing experts who can help moms to be prepare better for motherhood.

Jennifer says that when Sunit was a guest on her show, that episode is still their most downloaded episode.

Sunit says that right now they are launching in seasons but it will be once a week on Tuesdays and listeners can expect about 30-45 minutes.

Jenny asks Sunit what is MMPS and why did she start this. Sunit says it started with her passion for coaching and inspiring women to prepare a little better for motherhood. Sunit is a planner and was having twins and by default ended up thinking about things maybe others do not think about and had a good experience in motherhood. She realized there are core things that you can address before being a mom that will help you navigate motherhood better. She wanted to expand her reach so started creating an online course and then had the idea for disseminating this info over a podcast also. Podcasts allow you to multitask. The whole idea behind the brand is to inspire women to prepare better for motherhood.

Jenny says that as a medical professional, she really sees a need for this. Women are drowning in overwhelm and are going to be benefit from being better prepared.

Sunit says she is trying to create a movement for this next generation of moms-she is tired of the negativity around motherhood. there is no doubt parenthood is the hardest job in the world but you can truly have it all. She wants women to come listen to this podcast and walk away feeling inspired to have a good experience. She wants it to be a mindset shift.

Sunit says she is here to serve anyone for whom motherhood is in the near future. Or if you’re a new mom who might be starting to feel overwhelmed. Dads too. Sunit says she coaches women to include the partner in everything and this includes this podcast. this podcast is for anyone for whom PARENTHOOD is int he near furtuere.

Every week Sunit will interview guests who are experts in their field-Sunit coaches to pillars of motherhood-the self, the partner, the past the present and the future-and she will have guests on who address various facets of these pillars.

Sunit says women get caught up in the same things when they get pregnant-baby names, nurseries etc. And they forget to address the stuff that REALLY matters.

Jenny says that the way this is being done is sure to “produce” amazing mothers. She is very excited for this!

Jenny asks how listeners can support Sunit. Sunit says “sharing is caring”-if you listen to the episode and you think someone will benefit, just share and listen. Subscribe. Download.

Jenny says never underestimate the power you have as a listener to share with someone who may not know about it but could really use it. Sunit says this is even more than a movement-she wants to stop the cycle of overwhelm and you never know how you might be helping someone. Maybe even a new mom who is struggling. Jenny says yes “never rob somebody of the blessing of experiencing this”.

Sunit says she is going to have a guest on who lost her best friend to PPD and this is bigger than anything-it affects women on many different levels and can affect lives and families.

Sunit wants her listeners to know that she is an open book-she has twin 4 year old boys and an amazing and supportive husband who is encouraging her to pursue MMPS the brand and she is excited for the future of this brand and future collaboration with Blossom to be Fit. Sunit encourages listeners to reach out and tell her what they like and don’t like and she adds that she loves fashion and makeup and all things pretty and that people can keep up with her at www.moderntwinmom.com and the podcast and course are over at www.modernmommyprepschool.com

Sunit is on all social media handles as Modern Twin Mom and has a private fb group “Modern Mommy Prepschool” that she invites listeners to come to for more discussion and a direct line to some of her guests.

Jenny says she might stalk Sunit on Social Media.

Sunit closes off by saying she’s very excited for this and asks people to share, download and subscribe and tells listeners to stay tuned for all the exciting things her and Jenny have planned.

You can check out what Jennifer is up to at the Blossom To Be Fit website

Tune in next week for the next episode!


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