Episode 10: Season 1 Finale- Sunit interviews Diana Collins


Diana Collins



Diana is a mom of two girls who lost her best friend to suicide. Her friend suffered from PPD and Diana also ended up with PPD. Diana talks about how her friend’s death shaped her own experience with PPD and her journey over the last 7 months.

Diana says that her friend struggled as a new mom whose baby had health issues, but she didn’t really talk about it much. She ended up becoming addicted to prescription medication. Diana was 8 months pregnant when her friend died. It kick started her own struggle with PPD once her baby was born.
Diana gets very raw about feeling suicidal and knowing where her husband kept his gun. She attempted suicide despite being in therapy and was immediately referred to a specialist. She had another attack after which she ended up in the Psych ward. That was a turning point for her to share her story with the world.

She shares that she recently quit her job and has decided to pursue launching her own podcast called “Always with Me”. She says that today-7 months later, she feels empowered. She has a purpose. She didn’t lose herself when she became a mom, because she hasn’t even found herself yet. Now she feels that she can really follow her life’s purpose which is to help other women.

Sunit talks about what the “self” really means and how that’s why this is important to connect with BEFORE your baby comes. Diana confirms that she was still searching for her SELF before becoming a mom and she feels that if she would have built a foundation before-hand she may not have been as likely to succumb to the overwhelm.

Sunit asks Diana why she didn’t reach out for help-even when she was living with her inlaws. Diana says she didn’t want to be a burden and even though people offered help she didn’t think they meant it. It took her time to realize that when people offer help, they really mean it.

She tells a story about a time when she needed help and went to facebook to ask for help.

Sunit asks if there is something Diana thinks she could have done differently to prevent the overwhelm. Diana says expect the unexpected. She couldn’t have controlled Sabrina’s death but she didn’t prepare for an unexpected c-section and all that came with it. Sunit agrees that although being prepared is the best way to avoid overwhelm and that’s what modern mommy prepschool is all about, there is still something to be said for knowing that things beyond your control can happen. Joining communities and mommy groups now so that you have a place to go for support. The idea of a “village” is so foreign and we are all so isolated, so purposely setting that up before hand can really add a lot to your life as a mom. Sunit encourages women to start a community if they can’t find one.

Sunit asks if there is one woman listening right now who is in the depths of despair-what would Diana tell her? Diana says “you matter”. Diana wants women to know that they are not alone. Diana gets emotional and wants that woman to know she has a purpose.

Both Diana and Sunit encourage this woman to get help. Diana says that when you are in the moment and you are desperate-call the suicide hotline. You will feel heard in the moment.

Sunit asks Diana what she does for her SELF and how she maintains it. Diana says she loves to craft and has an etsy shop where she sells her stuff. She told her husband she needs time to craft and he supports her so she can do that. Babies are time consuming but find time to do what you love to do. Sunit says that even though some people are averse to the term “sleep training” she feels that having a reliable sleep schedule allows you time to look forward to doing these things you love.

Diana’s Etsy shop is “this RAD cottage”-you can find baby accessories and nursery décor and mens tshirts.

Her podcast and website is www.alwayswithme.com. Her podcast will be a place for women to come and know they are not alone. A place to be inspired and feel comforted. The struggles and the joys of motherhood-a place to feel like you can relate.

Facebook group: “Always with me”.

Sunit ends by saying “sharing is caring”-you could save a life by sharing this episode. If you are someone who doesn’t understand PPD-open your eyes wider, pay more attention to new moms and reach out. Diana says that yes, sometimes you don’t need to physically have someone there, you just need to be heard. Sunit encourages moms like her who haven’t experienced PPD to reach out to those who might be. She encourages pregnant moms to surround themselves with community and prepare well, and women who might be going through PPD-please reach out for help.



That’s it that’s all! Season 1 is officially over! I cannot believe how fast that went and I’m so excited to already be getting ready to launch Season 2! Stay tuned for more details! We have a private Facebook group for new and expecting moms! If you want to continue the conversation and stay updated, come join us here!