Episode 103-Celebrating Easter When You’re Not Christian


On today’s episode, Sunit talks about using various religious holidays as teaching opportunities for yourself and your kids. She shares how they approach Christmas and Easter in their home even though they are not christian, and why she believes it is important to raise children who understand that Easter is not about bunnies and chocolates. She shares how she herself was raised and how it felt to become a grown adult and not know the basics. Sunit shares the 3 most important reasons why she believes kids should understand where these celebrations stem from, regardless of whether you choose to celebrate or not:

1.These conversations foster and keep alive their natural curiosity and help us raise kids who will ask questions and think for themselves.

2.Children become aware of the fact that we are all different, but also how similar we are. They learn to develop appreciation for differences but also the similarities.

3.Understanding deeper details and the true history and roots of certain religions and subjects just makes for smarter kids who are well versed in details.