Episode 16:Upcycling with Matt Duncan

Matt Duncan


In this episode, Sunit interviews Matt Duncan who is the author of “the Upcycled Toys Club” which is an activity book for inspiring children to be more eco aware. Matt is an outdoor experiential educator, author, and entrepreneur whose focus is on teaching families the importance of protecting and preserving our environment. Matt’s passion for the environment was sparked at a young age as a Boy Scout, and ever since he has always been fascinated by the wonders of nature, and is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to instill the love of nature to his students and their families. His career as an educator with degrees in developmental psychology and a masters in education, as well as certifications in experiential education and permaculture, all came together as he created his latest project, The Upcycled Toys Club. Matt’s passions include camping, rock climbing, and other activities that bring him closer to the earth, as well as spending time hanging out with, and helping to educate, really cool kids and helping them find ways to let their creativity shine!

Sunit and Matt discuss how this book came to be and what inspires him. They talk about how important it is to care for our planet and how easy it is to integrate this awareness into your children from a young age if you start early.


Take a listen to the show and see if you are inspired to implement some of the cool ideas they talk about, into your own life!


You can get the book on Amazon:



Check out the website for more info www.upcycledtoys.club


text “upcycle” to 444999 to get a “getting started” guide and certificate of membership.


To contribute to Matt’s upcoming project, you can email him at: matt@upcycledtoys.club



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