Episode 19: Post Partum Depression, Healthier Lives and a Better Future with Modern Hippie Health and Wellness

Sunit interviews Carly Daley who is a mom of two with one on the way. She is the founder and host of Modern Hippie Health and Wellness.

Her website is a resource for all things healthy living, and she has a product line now as well.


Carly and Sunit talk about how they got more into holistic living and how Carly got onto this path.


In this episode Sunit and Carly talk about:


-how pregnancy can be a catalyst for living a healthier lifestyle

-Carly’s post-partum depression journey and how she evolved from baby #1 to baby #2, with the specific things she did differently for a better experience with her second baby

-why it is important to be a more conscious consumer when it comes to our food and our environment, and the easy steps you can take to move in that direction

-how to make your kids a part of your healthy lifestyle

-why Carly started an eco-friendly skincare and product line

Check out the Licorice Soap” and the “Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Face Serum” Sunit mentions, along with all the other amazing products here


Check out the whole website here

You can also apply to be a brand ambassador on her website and get some products for free!

You can also click on their names to listen to the interviews Sunit mentions with Diana Collins (regarding PPD) and Matt Duncan regarding being more eco conscious.


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