Episode 22:Prenatal, postnatal, and lifetime health and wellness with Natalie Sager

Natalie Sager is THE Modern Hippie Mama-her goal is to educate and inspire moms to take charge of the health and wellness of their families.

Take a listen as Natalie and Sunit discuss:
-how pregnancy can be a catalyst for moving towards a more holistic and healthy lifestyle, and Natalie’s story of how she got started as a wellness coach
-how you give away your power when you don’t question things as a mom
-why “colic” is an unacceptable excuse for babies crying
-how preconception and prenatal moms can prepare and transition to a healthier lifestyle by expecting the unexpected
-steps you can take post baby to create a healthier environment and life for your family
Jennifer Tow-is the amazing lactation consultant Natalie mentions.
You can contact Natalie at:
natalie@the modernhippiemama.com
visit the website: