Episode 24:How to Help Your Fertility and the Future Impact of Our Current Decisions

Katie Kahvo is a holistic nutritionist who specializes in fertility, and is also certified by Wow! Weight Loss and has completed a degree in Community Health Sciences from Brock University. Helping our community improve their health and wellness has always been her passion.

Sunit and Katie discuss things you should be thinking about BEFORE having a baby:

-how maternal nutrition affects your child’s long term health
-how the food that you are eating BEFORE getting pregnant, may be affecting your GRANDCHILDREN
-what HEALTHY nutrition really looks like, and the absolute vital types of food you should be eating when you are trying to conceive and pregnant
-the 5 key things you should consider to increase your fertility BEFORE resorting to medical help
-why it’s important to establish something to nurture OTHER than kids, BEFORE having them
-supplemental things you could be doing alongside fertility treatment, to help you on your journey of trying to get pregnant
-why methyl folate is preferable over folic acid

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