Episode 30:An Interview With a Postpartum Doula

In this episode, Sunit interviews Kate Turza.

Kate is a mom, wife, and postpartum doula.  After navigating three difficult postpartums, she trained as a postpartum doula in order to help build the support network she so desperately needed during her experiences. She’s been practicing for over 2 years now and her passion for normalizing the postpartum period and early parenthood has just gotten stronger.


This episode is perfect for the first time new or expecting mom who wants to feel better prepared. Join them as they discuss:
-what a post partum doula does
-the most common things new moms feel unprepared for that they did not think about while pregnant
-how you can be better prepared and potentially avoid or mitigate postpartum depression and overwhelm
-why visitors in the first couple of days can be detrimental to breastfeeding
-the 12 steps you can take to ensure emotional success in the postpartum period based on data out of the UK

Sunit refers to this episode she did previously on negotiating, and this episode on the importance of early connections where she interviewed a Speech and language Pathologist.


You can check out Kate’s website at:


and follow her at: https://www.facebook.com/kateturzadoula/


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