Episode 34:Baby Registries and ALL the things with Gugu Guru CEO Monica Banks

Sunit interviews the CEO and Founder of Gugu Guru, Monica Banks.

 Gugu Guru is a totally free website where you can take a quiz and get personalized product recommendations for your baby registry based on your answers. If you are wanting more support they also offer a paid concierge service that takes care of everything you need from a registry perspective. Sunit asks Monica how she started Gugu Guru and Monica tells her it came from a need she saw in the marketplace.
Sunit talks about the growing and overwhelming amount of stuff for new and expecting moms these days and how she encourages less is more.
Sunit and Monica talk about the increasing trend of minimalism and what Whitney Port said she wanted for her baby!
Monica goes through different options available when it comes to baby gear. They discuss the new minimalism trend, but also how to shop smartly and ensure you are purchasing things that are multipurpose and will grow with your family. Monica says higher quality items last longer and true minimalists want to reduce their footprint so splurging for something that will grow and be able to be used for future children is good.
Monica shares what is trending on their baby and mom registry right now.
They also discuss self care and what that really means from physically taking care of yourself to asking for help.
Sunit shares the results of a survey of first time new and expecting moms that revealed what the biggest disconnect is for moms from before to after pregnancy.