Episode 36:Transitioning Your Environment to Motherhood

Sunit interviews Susie Salinas from “Systems by Susie”
Susie is an organization expert with a background in teaching and event planning. She is an expert in helping busy moms keep their home, kids and lives stress free. Today, Sunit and Susie help pregnant moms prepare better for motherhood in the area of getting and keeping their home and environment organized. They talk about:

-transitioning your environment to accommodate a new addition
-how to set up systems that allow you to manage all the stuff that babies come with
-why labelling is beneficial for the village that comes to help you
-the importance of letting go and allowing others to help
-solutions and tips on how to decide what to keep and for managing all the things that come along as you move through new motherhood into school aged children and onto college.

Susie mentions apps and products that she thinks are helpful

If you want to keep up with Susie and her products and services, go check out her website!


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