Episode 38:Ending the Racial Divide By Starting With Our Kids

Sunit interviews Nicole Lee on this special episode of Modern Mommy Prepschool. Nicole Lee is a strategist, coach, and diversity, equity and inclusion trainer. She was the first female President of TransAfrica, the nation’s premier African American foreign affairs organization and founder of the BMLP, a legal organization affiliated with the Movement for Black Lives.

In light of the recent events in Charlottesville, NC, Sunit has joined forces with Women Podcasters in Solidarity (www.mothersquest.com/solidarity) to use her platform to spread awareness around the topic of racism that is so rampant right now in the U.S and the world. Sunit wants to inspire new and expecting moms to raise a different generation-one that will not know the racial divides we see today.

They talk about:
-how to raise children who are cultured and not racist
-what white privelege really means and what micro aggression is
-what are the things you can do with your children to ensure you are raising kind and racially aware kids who will also be good friends to their friends of color
-what is the optimum age to introduce these conversations and at what age it could be too late
-tips and resources for parents who truly do not know where to begin
Nicole coaches parents around this topic as well as provides other classes and resources on her website: