Episode 50:Preparing for Motherhood with Melissa Shulz

In this season finale episode, Sunit interviews Melissa Schulz who is a DONA certified doula and and they talk about how to TRULY be prepared for motherhood. It is the solid final message after a whole season of hitting home the fact that we need to do better as expecting moms. Don’t say “this doesn’t apply to me”. Ask “HOW it applies to me”.


Many women prepare with the material things but are not prepared mentally and emotionally. Listen in as Sunit and Melissa cover:


-the documentary that you must watch to be reminded of how little babies actually need, and how different parts of the world value things differently

-the absolute must have material things for babies
-the non material things that we should be thinking about


You can learn about Melissa and her services at http://www.strongbirthjourneys.com