Episode 56-Baby Led Weaning and a Lifetime of Healthy Habits

Sunit interviews Health and Wellness Coach Michelle Beckner. They talk about all things nutrition and health eating and how moms are often the change makers and change starters in the home when it comes to bettering nutrition. Listen in as they dicsuss:

-how starting your baby on solids is an important time to be intentional because it can be the beginning of food choices for life

-why it’s important to not have a double standard when it comes to food for kids vs adults

-the key signs that a baby is ready to try solids, and some resources to help you decide how you want to introduce them

-what is the ideal age to introduce spice and variety

-how moms can change their perspective around raising healthy eaters and why it’s important to do so


And much more!

You can check out her website here: