Episode 62-How to Thrive in Motherhood

Sunit interviews Anjelica Malone, author of “Milk Boss 101”. Anjelica guides women through pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, and has a unique story. Her and Sunit chat about their different viewpoints on motherhood before they had kids, and the defining moments that shaped them into the mothers they are. Anjelica is well traveled, and shares tons of tips on how to travel with young kids. In this conversation, the energy is high, and both women have a heart for inspiring moms to live their best, most high vibe life after becoming parents. The tips and encouragement they share will leave you feeling inspired to rock your own mom life! Go check out what Anjelica is up to at www.anjelicamalone.com


Anjelica also references The Quick Smart foldable stroller for travel.
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