Episode 68-Nurturing Literacy. Barriers to development.

Sunit talks with Tara Clancy of Nurturing Literacy. Tara specializes in helping children develop language and reading skills, and shares her personal story of discovering some barriers to literacy in her own kids. Undiscovered problems that cause all sorts of other issues in young children, including delays in literacy, poor sleep, physical manifestations such as elongated jaw, and delayed potty training at night, among other things, could be the root of seemingly mysterious problems in early childhood. Tara and Sunit both share their personal experiences with their own children, and the signs and symptoms that led them to finding solutions, and Tara shares what else to look for and also the steps you can take to intercept these problems. This is an episode that all young moms need to hear. Your child’s behaviour issues or delays in other areas could be the result of an undiagnosed sleep or breathing issue. These often go unnoticed because they manifest at night while you think your child is having a restful sleep. An absolute must listen episode!