Episode 69-The Mommy Breadwinner

Sunit interviews Monaica Ledell, the president of Truth Hackingand founder of the popular blog and website, Mommy Breadwinner.


Monaica and Sunit have a light and candid conversation about being the “type A” woman who strives for excellence, how to “navigate” all the things, and what the journey to being the breadwinner in her home looked like for Monaica. Any mom who considers herself a driven go getter will enjoy this conversation and Monaica’s honest, laid back style. They talk about how they have both managed to let go of the “juggle” in this season of their lives, what they prioritize in life, how being a driven mom is different than being a driven man, and ponder mom guilt, among other things.

A must listen for any woman who is on a path to success!