Episode 7: Sunit and Shelly Robinson Talk all Things Health and Wellness

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Shelly is a Health and Performance Coach who believes moms can thrive in all areas of their life.

She focuses on moms who are juggling babies AND businesses. Has found that Health and performance are interrelated and takes a wholistic approach to health and covers everything when working with moms and moms to be including, mindset, self-care, and the big picture.

Newborn to elementary days are the most challenging times and those are typically the moms that need balance in their life.

Science proves that if you don’t take care of yourself, the way you show up for your kids will suffer. It’s important to model that for them. Sunit talks about her recent eye injury and how it reminded her that if you aren’t at 100% you can’t properly show up for your family. (you can’t pour from an empty cup).

Shelly says that the key to long term success with your health is to have automated habits which means you should adopt them as soon as possible (ie before babies come). It’s valuable to also model your health for your kids. Sunit asks about nutrition, fitness and well-being and how they all fit together. Shelly says the most important thing to do FIRST is to address your self-care and how you think about your body. It shouldn’t be about the number on the scale, it should be about making decisions on a strong foundation of how you think about yourself.

It’s a domino effect when you start to take better care of yourself, you are set up to take better care of everyone around you. Sunit asks for tips on “self care” and Shelly and Sunit both agree that the term self care is overused. It’s not all about bubble baths and trips to the spa. Shelly says you have to be anchored in what lights you up. Find what you love and DO THAT. THAT is self care and nail it down BEFORE you have babies. She often asks new moms what they love to do and they will say “I have no idea…. I’m in survival mode”.

Constantly celebrate yourself and each success you have. The small wins and one foot in front of the other is what leads to transformation.

Sunit reminds everyone that taking care of your SELF means finding your passion NOW. She asks Shelly to give tips to expecting moms that will help them get some solid habits in place NOW to anchor them after baby comes. Shelly says it’s all about baby steps so she doesn’t recommend making any sweeping changes. Everyone knows what they could do a little better. Pick the low hanging fruit, one thing you know you could get a quick win with, and do that. Once you master it, move on to the next area of your health. One thing at a time. Coaching is all about teasing out what people intuitively know already. You already know what you need.

Sunit reiterates that we have all the answers already even as new moms. We already know what kind of mom we want to be and what kinds of kids we want to raise, It sometimes helps for someone else to just ask the right questions.

She asks Shelly about the fad diets and women wanting to lose baby weight quickly. Shelly discourages anyone from doing cleanses and diets for the purpose of losing weight. Instead she would like to see women setting themselves up for a healthy lifestyle. You are perfect the way you are and as long as you are anchored and feeling whole as you are, you will settle back into the right weight when you are ready. Sunit also brings up the fact that fad diets could be depriving your body of the proper nutrients and calories for breastfeeding.

Ultimately, getting good habits going BEFORE you have a baby will make it easier for you to have something to stick to. Getting your partner involved in your desires for your health and making it a lifestyle for both of you, will allow him to help you hold on to the things you want to hold on to. Be anchored in your relationship. Have your partner on board and he will help you be more successful.

Sunit and Shelly talk about how as coaches they are not successful telling people WHAT to do. They want to encourage women to dig deep and figure out what motivates you and where you want to end up and then help you get there.

Sunit asks Shelly about one piece of advice to give to women for whom motherhood is in the near future. Shelly says “to love yourself healthy”. Everything you do for your health-do it out of love for your SELF. It will get you quicker results.

She asks Shelly something about her SELF that she has held onto and how she did it. Shelly says she has always been physically active and this was important to her to keep. She did get away from it for a bit but she has been able to reconnect with it. She also loves that her kids see her making activity a priority. Sunit asks how she makes time for this. Shelly said she always asks herself “what’s it going to cost me if I don’t do this”. She is reminded that it will affect her mood and how she shows up for her family. Then, she makes sure that it’s scheduled into her day like any other appointment. She makes it a priority. Sunit and Shelly talk about the fact that you don’t need too much time or equipment to make physical activity a priority. Shelly says that an accountability buddy can help you stay on top of things you want to stay on top of.

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