Episode 82-Why and how to leave your 9 to 5

Amy Coats headshot

Part of living a high vibe life means you are spending a majority of your days living out your purpose and doing fulfilling, meaningful work that brings you joy. So many people these days are just on auto pilot-punching in and punching out, and beginning to get really tired of the same old corporate grind.

Sunit interviews Amy Coats, the founder of the “two week notice society”, and they talk about the top steps people need to take when thinking about leaving their 9 to 5, and how you can be sure you will have more success than you’ve ever had before.

They also chat about the basics of starting a business, and why social media savvy is a must in today’s world.

If you have ever toyed with the idea of pursuing your dreams and starting a business that highlights your passions, this episode is for you!


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