Episode 83-Changing your mindset and living a more “sparkly” life

Michelle Lewis headshot

Sunit chats with bestselling author, life coach, and host of “the Sparkle ¬†Hour” podcast, Michelle Lewis. Michelle is an expert into helping people turn their tragedies into triumph and spends her days speaking to and coaching women into shifting their mindsets and living happier more vibrant lives. She spreads positivity wherever she goes and shares her secrets and tips for living a purposeful and happy life. They talk about ways to change your mindset, reconnect with who you are and reach for who you are meant to become, and also tips to get aligned with your highest self. They also talk about our programming from when we were young, and why so many of us are lost and not living the lives of our dreams. If you have ever dreamed of rewriting your story and busting through your limiting beliefs, today’s episode will inspire you to do just that.




Michelle Lewis is an award-winning writer, Amazon best-selling author, passionate speaker, and women’s empowerment coach. She is the creator & founder of The Blessings Butterfly (TM), a holistic coaching practice that is dedicated to encouraging, inspiring, and empowering people to overcome their shame and live a life that they love.
Michelle is also the co-creator and co-host of The Sparkle Hour, a podcast for helping people to transform their trauma with humor, storytelling, and Sparkle Skills (TM). She can be found traveling the world and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and on her website at www.theblessingsbutterfly.com