Episode 85-How To Own Your Strengths


In this solo episode, Sunit talks about the power of saying thank you and ending the conversation there. How often do you receive a compliment about something and find yourself brushing it off? Or being self deprecating? Or excusing it somehow? Why cant we just own what we bring to the table? Why do we feel the need to add a “but” or some type of explanation after the fact? We do this with everything, including, our appearance, what we are wearing, our children, our work, the list goes on. Owning our worth and what we bring to the table, regardless of how big or small, regardless of whether it feels superficial or not, is a key to developing that self love that many of us lack. It is also a key piece for success. Listen in and see if this resonates with you, and use this holiday season to shift your mindset around it!