Episode 87-The Secret to Happier Moms and Kids.


Sunit interviews the author of “Why Cant We Just Play? What I did when I realized my kids were too busy”, Pam Lobley. Pam is a regular contributor to online publications such as the Huffington post, and an experienced mom who realized earlier on that motherhood wasn’t as “fun” as she thought it would be when their various activities and commitments began to feel like a chore. She talks about how she made this realization and what she did to begin to change the idea of “play” in their home. Sunit and Pam talk about why parents these days feel like they need to over schedule their kids, what the science says, and why it’s important for both the kids AND the moms to allow kids to just PLAY. Any mother who wonders whether she is doing too much or not enough extracurricular activities needs to listen to this episode!