Episode 88-Wanna Be Balanced with Crystal Escobar

Crystal Escobar

In the season finale and final episode for 2018, Sunit interviews Crystal Escobar of the Wanna Be Balanced podcast and brand. Crystal shares how she and her husband became millionaires at the age of 27, retired by age 35, and now live a life with complete time freedom. Crystal gets really raw and deep about her path going from being a devout mormon to a spiritual seeker. They talk about her new book that is coming out in 2019, how she feels about the people who have turned on her for speaking her truth, and some of the biggest resources she has turned to, to help her on this journey. She also shares the “secrets” to her success online, which of course, really aren’t secrets at all. We all know it takes hard work, longevity, and consistency to make anything a success. Crystal also shares her emotional journey through motherhood, wanting more children, and getting a tubal ligation reversal at one point, because she was so conflicted about what she really wanted. You do not have to be mormon, or even religious, to resonate with this episode. Crystal’s story is one that every woman can relate to. Growing up being told how to think, feeling like you need to push your feelings down, having big dreams but not being able to dream them, not being sure you have what it takes to create financial freedom for yourself, feeling conflicted about motherhood…they talk about it ALL. Crystal took a little break from Instagram at the time this episode was recorded, but she is back so check her out here!