Episode 89-How to Have a High Vibe 2019

sunit suchdev

Kicking off the new year with tips on setting goals and intentions, getting clear on big dreams and little goals, and then putting pen to paper and planning out your year. Sunit shares how she plans out her year, then drills down to the months, weeks and days. She shares how to assess how last year went so that you can do more of what worked, and fix what didn’t. She encourages you to establish more boundaries, and say no to what doesn’t serve you. She explains how to plan ahead and take a little extra time up front to save yourself headache and time. She also talks about using “busy” as an excuse. Kick your new year off right and take a listen to the first episode of 2019, which is streamed live from her facebook and instagram pages this season! Go follow Sunit on facebook https://www.facebook.com/SunitSuchdev/

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