Episode 90-Breaking Down Beliefs

sunit suchdev

In this episode, Sunit talks about what guides us as we move through life. She discusses the fact that much of how we operate is dependent on how we are programmed from day 1. Our programming comes from our parents, our surroundings, our culture, our society, our education..etc. We are taught our belief systems and we don’t question anything because we don’t have the capacity to question as babies. But these things eventually dictate our belief system, which becomes our values. These things eventually trickle down into limiting beliefs, which are the beliefs we have that can hold us back. She discusses some of the most commonly held beliefs today, and encourages us to think about where they come from and why we believe them. She talks about objectively questioning cultural and societal beliefs, as well as commonly held thoughts like:

Traditional Schooling and University

Our thoughts and beliefs around retirement and saving for retirement 

Winning is good and better than losing (everyone is a winner)

We shouldn’t hurt other people’s feelings

Being happy is always the goal

Tune in and ask yourself…what do i believe about these things? And why? And what else do i believe to be true that maybe isn’t? And how is it dictating how I show up in the world?