Episode 99-Part 2-How to use essential oils to have an empowered motherhood

lavender essential oils

Part 2 to last week’s conversation:

How would it feel if you could say “Ive got this!” every time a health issue arose with you or your baby? What are some natural things you can do to boost your fertility? Is it possible to have a better pregnancy and delivery using essential oils? Which oils are not safe for babies and kids? Sunit talks with registered nurse, Amber Adams and they discuss all the things when it comes to oils and mom life. In this 2 part episode they discuss:

-ways to boost your fertility naturally 

-oils to use throughout pregnancy 

-oils to help with delivery and pospartum

-oils that will support your self care in the early days of new motherhood

-how to use oils with babies and kids in some of the most common issues we come across as moms

-what oils we should take caution with 

-what questions you should be asking when deciding what brand of oils to start with

If you have questions or want more info, you can check out both Sunit and Amber on their instagram pages for oily tips!

Sunit https://www.instagram.com/sunitsuchdev/

Amber https://www.instagram.com/oillovingnurse/

Already know you want to get started with purchasing oils! It is super simple! Click here: https://sunitsuchdev.com/essential-oils/