Fall Fashion Friday-My favorite time of year

I can’t believe I’m already writing about fall fashion but it IS August and everything is on sale, which means fall is literally around the corner. I love summer fashion, the cute shoes, bright colours and pretty, flowy dresses. But every year, at this time, I am absolutely ecstatic for Fall fashion. The deep colours, thick and rich textured fabric, cozy sweaters, and of course… BOOTS! Fall 2013 does not disappoint! Here are my top fall fashion picks, and if you are a busy mom, it is as simple as incorporating a few key colors and pieces into your outfits to feel like you are on top of it all. Remember, just because you are a mom, doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy. Take a few minutes for your SELF every day to pull it together. Keeping up with fashion trends does not make you a good mom. Not being into these trends doesn’t make you a bad mom. But when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you are instantly a better everything. A better wife, a better mother. There is nothing that lifts a woman’s spirit and soul more than feeling beautiful. The key word here is FEELING. Do whatever you have to do to FEEL good about yourself. You deserve it..and quite frankly, you owe it to yourself. Try it, you’ll like it!

Grey and Navy 

Move over Black! Grey and navy are the new neutrals, and the old rule of not pairing Black with Navy goes out the window. Invest in a timeless piece of clothing, or if you’re non-committal, just some nail polish will keep you on trend.

The Ankle boot 

There is nothing more appropriate for fall than the knee-high boot, I think it is timeless. But this fall, the ankle boot might steal the show. The thigh high has been seen everywhere also, and I plan to have both ends of the spectrum in my boot selection! Thigh high can look skanky if you don’t style it right, and ankle boots can also be tricky.  I have always been leery of this style because if you have not been blessed in the height department, it can cut you off at the ankle, making your legs look shorter. The key is to wear this trend with the right skirt or pant length. A shorter skirt or pant that ends where the boot begins, is perfect for someone with shorter gams. If you are leggy, there are no rules for this trend!

The tulip skirt 

I love tulip skirts. They are fitted on top and fluted on the bottom. No matter your size, this piece will provide a nice balance. For work, this is my top pick for fall.

The white pant

White in general is a great colour for fall. Ignore the “no white after labour day” rules! It adds some brightness to the muted and deep fall tones and is reminiscent of freshly fallen snow. Whether it is a beautiful new coat or some nail polish, treat yourself to some winter white this fall, and if you are not afraid of getting dirty, take the plunge and invest in a cute pair of white pants. A cigarette style will look tres chic this season.

And finally, I just have to give a shout out:

One of my very favorite designers is Victoria Beckham.  When I was bopping out to her pop happy tunes in the nineties, who knew she would eventually create beautiful clothes? There are very few designers that consistently impress me, and she is (surprisingly) one of them. I love this dress from her fall 2013 collection. She has a great eye for detail and I love the structure in her pieces. I cant wait to pick me up one of these. Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Jen on August 23, 2013 at 7:44 am

    Thx for getting me more excited for fall! I’m actually super pumped and have been looking at what boots I will be buying first this season!
    Great fashion blog 🙂

    • suchdev on August 23, 2013 at 7:53 am

      You’re welcome, Jen! Thank YOU for popping by!