Fall Trend Report

Well, once again, I’m a little behind in blogging. Why?  Oh, because I have twins.  There are TWO of them.  They also happen to be two years old.  Definitely the most fun age so far, but also EXHAUSTING.  I thought people said it would get easier???? That’s all I heard for the first year of my boys’ lives. In my barely memorable first year of being a mom, the one phrase I heard the most was “it gets easier”.  Ummmmm….when???  Still waiting!  In fact, I almost feel like it’s gotten harder in some ways.  Remember when I could lay both of them down and they barely moved?  Oh and what about when they slept for like, 20 hours a day?  Sigh.  Those were the days.  I could actually DO stuff.  In fact, I blogged  more then, than I do now!  Oh and I work full-time.  I’m not complaining though.  I’m just giving you an excuse for why you haven’t heard from me in a while.  You know, in case you were waiting on the edge of your seat to see what I wrote about next.

Ok!  Shall we get on with it, then?  Although this blog is about being a modern twin mom and all things related to it, lately all I feel like doing is talking about fashion.  In fact, I watched “the Devil Wears Prada” again the other day and I kept thinking how cool it would be to just be immersed in it all day long.  A job where it was my JOB to dress up!  A job where I HAD to talk about fashion all day long!  I could wear the most fashion forward clothing and not get weird looks from my husband.  And what if I didn’t have kids yet?  I could carry my Chanel bag without worrying that my diapers and wipes don’t fit.  I could wear my Louboutins without wondering if my knees would give out once I was carrying two kids or trying to put together a double stroller.  I could wear my McQueen scarf without worrying about someone spitting up on it.  Sigh.  Ok, back to reality.  Alas, I do not have a job in fashion, or anything even close, but I do get to dress up a little bit.  And I DO have kids, so when I’m with them, practicality usually wins over fashion sense.  Although, I have to admit, I typically try to meld practicality WITH fashion when I can.  What I DO have though, is this blog.  Which is an outlet for me in so many ways, and so, if I feel like talking about fashion…gosh darn it I’m going to!  So now that you’ve read 2 paragraphs that have NOTHING to do with Fall trends, and shown me what a loyal follower you are, I’ll get down to business.  Drum roll please, it’s that time of year again, to list the hottest trends coming for Fall 2014, which happens to be my favourite fashion time of the year.  And yes, I know, it’s barely summer and maybe I should save this until September is closer, but the Runway shows happened in March, so technically, I’m extremely late getting this out already, and if I’m being honest, my mommy brain isn’t quite what it used to be so by September I may completely forget that I ever even had favourite Fall fashions to begin with.

I guess you’ll just have to bookmark it and re-read in a few months!


My top 5 picks for all you hot mommies, mommies to be, and not so mommies are:



We saw a bit of this last fall, with baby pinks thrown in with the typical rich fall colours we usually see.  Last year, I went out and got myself a baby pink winter coat.  It was by far my favourite Fall find for last year, and happily, I get to wear it again this year because there were pastels all over the runway this year. Baby pinks, blues and greens.  So refreshing!











2)the 60s

If you watch Mad Men for the fashion (like me), then you will love this trend! Think Twiggy, A-line skirts, structured shift dresses, geometric prints and mini skirts, and of course, 60s fashion is nicely encompassing of the number one 2014 fall trend, pastels.










3)Fur, Feathers and Knits

Nothing says cozy fall fashion better than great knits but this fall, fur is HUGE too.  And if you want to add a little whimsy, feathers are showing up in unexpected places! If you’re up for a new splurge, definitely invest in something furry or feathery, otherwise, it’s nice to see our tried, tested, and true knit trend remains strong for fall and winter.  Knits were seen head to toe on the runways, so if you can pull it off, the more the better!













I don’t own a lot of plaid, but I am so nostalgic for it.  It reminds me of my childhood.  When it wasn’t fashionable and was just something my mom told me I had to wear.  But I came to love something about it.  The various colours, the textures and the general association with Fall.  This year, plaid is back in a big way.  Coats, shirts, pants, even scarves, you can pretty much add this trend to your wardrobe with minimum hassle.












5)Fairytale Inspired clothing

As I mentioned before, I don’t work in fashion.  I don’t get to attend fancy shows and dinners and I don’t really have anywhere I can wear whimsical clothing without getting laughed at (although that won’t stop me from trying).  So this last trend, although one of my top 5, is probably more of a fairytale for me, but I still love it.  Tulle, lace, velvet, embroidery, all things fancy and flowy and intricate, you name it and it can have a place in your wardrobe this fall.  Think “Little Red Riding Hood” or “Snow White”.  In fact, I recently saw a trailer for a new Angelina Jolie movie, called “Maleficent” that I think may also be inspiring this trend for fall, and it happens to be coming out in a couple of days.  It may not be everyday practical, but hey, fashion never really is!  It’s about taking some things you love each season, and making them your own.  If you’re a busy mom like me, all it takes is a well put together outfit and some great lipstick to go from feeling blah to BOOYA!










As I always say, this blog is meant to inspire women in many different ways, but especially moms.  There is no reason you have to be last.  Take time for your SELF, even if it’s for something as “vain” as fashion.  Fashion for me is a way to express myself.   How I’m feeling, what I love, and my creativity.  Looking good means feeling good and when you feel good, your whole family feels it too!  Right now, fashion is more unstructured than it has ever been.  Anything goes!  That’s what’s so great about it!  So take advantage of it and use it to express yourself!



Happy Monday Everyone!







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