Fashion Friday-Top Five Fall Trends

I know, I know, we’re halfway into November and the runways are showing us what’s hip for Spring 2013, so I’m a little behind the eight-ball here, but where I live, Fall seems to have just begun, and since it is my favourite season when it comes to fashion, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the top 5 trends for Fall 2013.

I know it’s tempting as a new mom to dress your kids up in the trendy little outfits everyone coos over and by the time you get them ready there’s hardly any time left for you, so you throw your hair back in a bun and walk out of the house in the sweats your probably wore to bed.  You’re just running out for milk, right? I’ve done it, so I know how easy it is and I’m not knocking it. HOWEVER, it’s not that hard to look pulled together, even if you have kids. All you have to do, is put yourself first. When I know I’m going somewhere, I try to plan the night before, what I will wear, and what the boys will wear. I schedule the outing right after a feeding. I get myself ready while they are napping, then I feed them and get them ready, and then we leave. If I don’t get ready first, it’ll never happen. I feel so much better about everything when I feel like I look presentable.  Knowing the key trends helps you throw together a current look quickly and helps you (okay, ME) feel like you haven’t completely lost yourself.

This probably goes without saying but the key to a great wardrobe that gets you through the seasons is to splurge on key quality pieces that are timeless (and sometimes seasonless), and skimp on the really trendy stuff that you know you won’t wear too often. Know your own style and be confident…confidence is the BEST fashion accessory.

As promised, my favourite trends for the season are:

1 The Collar. It’s all about the collar this fall. Tops and dresses with collars of all shapes and sizes have been spotted all over the runways. If there is one simple way to make your outfit look current, it’s to add a standout collar to your look. A great way to use something you already have is to glue gun some crystals or metal studs to a collared shirt.

2.The Shiny Jean-I wasn’t the biggest fan of this trend when I first saw it because a shiny pant on anyone other than a leggy runway model is a recipe for disaster. However, now that I’ve actually seen this translated into retail, I see that the shine doesn’t need to be very exaggerated to make an impact.  In addition to shine, colour is good too!

3.The Knee High Boot-are these ever NOT a fall trend? Nothing says “Fall” like a great boot. It’s sexy, it’s stylish, and it goes great with jeans, pants, skirts, and dresses.  This is one trend that I wouldn’t skimp on.

4.The Leather Skirt-there are a million different variations of this trend, you can do short and flirty or long and business, but the leather skirt is a great fall fashion wardrobe essential. You can dress it up, or down, and if your workplace allows it, you can even make this trend work at work!

5.The Tweed Blazer-The great thing about blazers is that they can be worn with everything from jeans to business wear. Another item that I wouldn’t skimp on. You will be able to use this for years to come.

And finally, there is something to be said for fashion that is timeless.  You can make ANYTHING current if you style it right. I’m a big fan of Boho Chic-because it’s ALWAYS in fashion. There is always a way to make your look current, so don’t be afraid to take pieces you already own and spin them into something hip. For inspiration, check out . My friend Rachel has an amazing sense of style that will have you begging to know where and how she shops, and will inspire you to use what you already have to always look current (by the way Rachel has 2 young kids, and she ALWAYS looks AMAZING-even when she’s just running out for milk).

Happy Styling!

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