Geisha Ink-Tried,Tested and AWESOME

I love posting on Fridays, because on Fridays, I usually talk about what REALLY makes me tick, and today it’s makeup. I really can’t relate this to being a mom, if you wear makeup and especially if you wear liquid liner, you should read today’s post regardless of if you’re a mom.

If you are a makeup junkie, like me, you will have tried and tested every liquid liner out there, always looking for the perfect applicator, formula, consistency, etc etc. Like most products, the PERFECT liquid liner is very elusive, and before I go any further, I don’t RAVE about anything unless it’s AMAZING. So you can add this to my “awesome products you must have” list next to “Seche Vite”.

Geisha Ink liquid liner is something I have heard little rumblings about lately (over the last year) and I was kind of semi interested to try it. After popping out 2 kids, I wasn’t getting ready to go anywhere worthy of liquid liner anytime soon, and if I was, I certainly didn’t have the time to go find this stuff, so I kind of just added it to my “things I should check out one day” list.

Anyways, my awesome sister (who has this creepy ability to sometimes read my mind) got this for me as a birthday gift, so of course, I eagerly tried it right away.

Quite simply, this is the best liquid liner I have ever used. It comes in a pen-like sleek applicator (like most liquid liners), and the brush is extremely thin so it allows you to make a fine line with little effort, or thicken it if you want. The formula is literally like ink, it glides smoothly onto the skin, and dries fairly quickly. The best part? This product will stay on until you take it off. Some rubbing with a washcloth or makeup remover will do the trick. I have oilier skin so many of my eye products tend to slip and slide, but not this! Geisha Ink truly is an amazing product. I haven’t had it for long, but from what I hear, everyday use will have this product lasting you close to a year. I don’t know what my sister paid for it, but some internet research has turned up a price of about 30-40 dollars. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely! Depending on where you live, trendy makeup boutiques should carry it (Sephora does NOT carry it), or you can get it online at ¬†Also, if you go to their site, they actually have a very detailed drop down list of where you can buy it depending on where you live (fellow Canadians, a very detailed list according to province and city). Good luck and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Have you tried it? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Londa on December 7, 2012 at 8:49 am

    Bought It .. Can’t wait to try it!

    • suchdev on December 7, 2012 at 10:16 am

      That’s great! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!