Mother’s Day

This is my 5th Mother’s day and I think my first blog post about Mother’s Day. Can that be right? How can I call myself a “mommy blogger” and not write about Mother’s Day? I thought about it a lot today and then it occurred to me. Maybe it’s because I don’t think Mother’s Day is a big deal. Like, it is. But, it’s not. I love having a day where I can acknowledge my own mom and all my fellow moms, but for me personally, I don’t need a special day to be acknowledged. Or pampered. Or given a break.

Let me explain. And before I start this post I want to add a caveat:I’m only speaking from my own experience here. No offence intended to those who don’t have the same experience as me.

Here’s the thing. I enjoy those mommy blogs as much as the next mom. You know, the ones that have made a living out of complaining about being a mom or making jokes out of the everyday things that irritate us. But, sometimes I feel like they are over the top when it comes to what I call “momplaining”. Mostly, I do laugh at the things I can relate to, and of course, there’s this chick who is just so damn hilarious that anything she says is funny to me, and whom I LOVE, and on many levels I DO relate to many things these mommies say. I really do. But the reality in my world is this: I don’t need a day off from my kids. If I do feel like I need a break, I do something crazy. Are you ready for this? I ask for it. I communicate with  my husband and let him know what I need. And magically, he gives it to me. It’s like reading my mind. But better.

I sometimes wonder if I’m just blessed with the most perfect husband and kids on the planet or if it’s just my perspective? I did start this blog to inspire women not to lose themselves, so maybe I’ve just done a really good job of that myself?

The truth is, my Mother’s Day will probably go something like this: I could sleep in if I wanted to but I probably won’t because we all know that once you have kids, you are physiologically PROGRAMMED to not be able to sleep in anymore. Then, my hubby will probably make me breakfast. Which he does on Sundays anyway. Then we might go out shopping and go for lunch and then we will come home and he’ll make dinner or we will order out, or I may even cook if I’m feeling crafty. All normal. I might get a gift that I pick out myself because my hubby knows I’m picky-so that might be a bit different than the every day, but otherwise, that’s my life. My husband is an equal partner. He works all day and then he comes home and takes over. Every. Day. With twins, you REALLY need the dad around. And it just becomes a normal thing. It shouldn’t feel “special” to have one day where suddenly the dad steps in and does everything. It should be like that every day. We should all be doing whatever we can to raise these little humans.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m out to lunch. Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe it’s because my kids are only 4. I would love to hear your thoughts.  Am I the only mom that thinks these “hallmark” holidays are a bit overrated? Again, not bashing anyone that needs this one day of the year, and man there are some hilarious mommy bloggers out there that tell it like it is, but really? Are we moms THAT deprived? I should also add here that I struggled to get pregnant. And I didn’t know if I would ever even get to BE a mom. So maybe somewhere deep down inside is that woman who doesn’t even let myself get to a place where I may seem like I’m complaining or needing a day off from my kids. Because at one time, I would have given anything to have them. But that is me really going deep now and a topic for another day!

I guess it’s kind of like Valentine’s Day. Like, do we really need one special day of the year where someone reminds us to be romantic and loving? How about we just love and appreciate all year round?

Having said all that, I hope everyone does enjoy their Mother’s Day, and my wish for all of you is that it’s not only a once a year occurrence!



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