Hey beautiful boss babe…

Have you been thinking that 2019 is the year of YOU? Have you been wanting to find yourself, do more of what lights you up, and put more intention into that “side hustle” or business that isn’t quite where you would like it to be? Are you, like so many women today, craving a village and a community of other like-minded business owners who you can connect with?

What if….

-You could dedicate a whole day to reconnecting with that girl you’ve lost, understanding who she was and who she is, and learn how to use that reconnection in your business?

-You could dive deep into your purpose, your goals, what lights you up, what brings you joy and what your strengths are, and understand how to use those to fuel a heart centred business that you love?

-You could take an objective look at what you bring to the table in life and business and come up with your unique value proposition?

-You could approach your business like the boss that you are, and understand how to get more strategic with your marketing?

-You understood how to utilize social media to help your marketing?

-You could spend time focusing on just you, and walk away with tools to navigate the mind chatter, and tools to get clarity on what really matters?

And what if you could do this all within a supportive community of like-minded boss babes?

Introducing “My Beautiful Business” – a One Day Workshop to help you anchor into who you are, and move forward in your entrepreneurship at the same time.

Join Life and Business Coach Sunit Suchdev on Sunday, May 5th in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, for a day of working on your Beautiful Business. She is the host of “The High Vibe Life” podcast, a writer, a speaker, and a serial entrepreneur. Almost 3 years ago, Sunit left her cushy corporate job for the unknown, and after investing tens of thousands of dollars in courses and coaching with some of the best in the online business world, is now passionate about inspiring others to follow their vision, get clear on their goals and dreams, and operate their businesses in a way they can feel good about. She will share how she has gotten to where she is, and everything she has done to get here.

A beautiful, heart centered business does not happen by accident. It is cultivated and created with love and a deep understanding of how you want to show up in it. Sometimes, we get so bogged down with the “to do” lists that we forget that our businesses are living, breathing things that need us to give them oxygen. And before we can do that, we need to breathe ourselves!

Sunit has taken her 30 years of experience as a coach, entrepreneur and corporate employee in various leadership roles, and created a beautiful program that takes the guess work out of what your next steps should be. She believes women can achieve all their hopes and dreams once they have the right mindset, and the right skills.

She is bringing her online 1:1 and group coaching content into her first live, one day workshop where you can connect with others in the community, learn, network, and actually WORK on yourself and in your business.

You will walk out of this day with:

-a renewed sense of self and purpose

-reconnection with that woman you may have lost

-tools to navigate the chatter

-clarity on what really matters

-clarity on your why

-clarity on YOUR target market, and how to serve them

-a better understanding of your unique value proposition

-a better understanding of how to use social media to grow your business

-clarity on the basics of a good marketing plan, and a good business plan, and why it’s important to have both

-some new friends, and maybe even customers!

-and much, much more!



What-“My Beautiful Business” One Day Workshop with Sunit Suchdev

When-Sunday May 5th 9:00am-4:30pm

Where-Maple Ridge, BC (location will be announced closer to the event)

Who-this is for any woman who is starting out new in business, or someone who has had a side hustle for awhile, but feels stuck about how to move forward and how to get her name out there. You may be in network marketing, you may be a makeup artist, or you may sell beautiful artwork! You realize that you need to be clear on your SELF, and who your customer is, so you can serve the people you want to serve, in the way you want to serve them! You don’t want to play small anymore. You want to understand how to start and run a heart centred business that aligns with YOU. Perhaps you are a leader who is wanting to inspire others. You will also learn a lot that you will be able to take back to your team!

How-This day will be broken up into 2 parts. The morning will be for mindfulness, reconnection, and some deep work with yourself.  The afternoon will be about bringing your a-ha moments from the morning into your business, and creating an actionable plan that you can walk out with. The whole day will involve sharing and connecting with your fellow boss babes, in a cozy and comfortable environment. Lunch and refreshments for the day will be provided.

Why-Because you’ve waited long enough to take a whole day for yourself and spend it in self reflection, self care, connecting with a community and really working on moving your business forward! This year, we are giving “Sunday School” a whole new meaning!

Well…??? Are you ready to join a high vibe group of women and move the needle on your life and biz?

If so, do not wait! Tickets will sell out fast!


Due to the desire to keep this workshop intimate-there is limited seating for this event.

If you have any questions about this workshop, please send an email to: sunit@sunitsuchdev.com