Parenting Twins

Sunit-34I’m not going to say much about how to parent twins here. All I’m going to say is that you and your partner need to be in agreement about what type of parents and family unit you want to be. What are your immediate and short and long-term goals? For yourselves AND your babies? Being a mom of twins is not easy, but having a supportive partner who is on the same page and tuned in, is priceless. If you are expecting twins or even already have twins, but have not had this discussion, it’s never too late to discuss exactly how you are going to tackle this parenting twins thing. You absolutely have to be a team in this venture. Read some books, visit some websites and talk to people. Do it TOGETHER so you both are on the same page. There is no such thing as too much communication. Before, and after the babies are born, you are the only 2 people who will know what you are going through. Us moms need to be able to vent, talk and cry to our partner. They may be at work all day, but I guarantee you they want to spend time with the babies, and they want to know what they missed. Allow them to help in their own way without hovering.

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