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Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for popping in!

So I am a fan of pretty nails.  I think a good manicure just instantly makes you FEEL like you are put together…and nail polish is simply the cheapest and quickest way to update your look.  But if you don’t get gels or acrylics, how long do you get out of a manicure? A day? 2 days? Not to mention, how long does it take to actually DO your nails? And then wait for them to dry? What if a baby wakes up when you thought you were safe for a few hours? Well ladies, I have discovered an AMAZING product.  It is SO amazing, that I was originally wanting to write about something else today but I just HAD to tell you about this as soon as possible.

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Typically, I apply a base coat, 2 coats of polish, and a top coat and I may get one or 2 days of chip free wear. But who has the time to wait for 4 coats of polish to dry? And then even if you make it to bed without smudging or nicking, you wake up in the morning with the ever so familiar imprint of your cotton sheets! Enter Seche Vite. OH MY GOD. This stuff is unbelievable. It dries all the layers of your polish in about 3 minutes flat, and the thickness of it keeps your nails from chipping as quickly as they normally do. Yesterday I did my nails with a base coat and 3 coats of color (because sometimes you just need a 3rd coat to get it to look like it does in the bottle) and then topped with Seche Vite Quick Dry topcoat. If you’re keeping track, that is 5 coats of polish. Within 5 minutes I was blow drying and flat ironing my hair, and my nails look amazing. Shiny. Perfect. If you like a pretty manicure and buy nothing else I ever recommend, do yourself a favour and pick up a bottle of this stuff. You can get it at London Drugs and most beauty stores for about 10-13 dollars. You’ll wonder what you ever did while you waited for all your coats to dry, and you’ll be able to change a poopy diaper within minutes of finishing your manicure. It may still feel a little tacky after a few minutes but as long as you are not banging your nails into anything, you’re safe.  The key to using this product is do one coat of polish right after the other and apply this while everything is still wet. The makers of this product don’t know it, but this stuff was MADE for busy moms.

Did you know there are blogs out there dedicated completely to nails? Some of these girls do their nails EVERY DAY and post a picture and description (because when you use Seche Vite, it’s easy to do your nails everyday!). I actually love these blogs, they are very inspiring. is a great one. She posts every day and is usually reviewing the latest collections. Check it out if you ever want some nail motivation!

Thanks again for visiting, have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday!

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