How to stay Emotionally and Physically Healthy Over the Holidays

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How to stay Emotionally and Physically Healthy Over the Holidays

So we’ve talked about cold and flu “season” and how to ward off illness, but what about that special time of year that really can test us if we aren’t careful? The countdown is on to Christmas, and the holiday parties are in full swing! From now until the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, there is a good chance you will be tested both mentally and physically. If you’re not ready for it, this time of year can derail many of us who have the best of intentions! 

Here are 5 things I do that really keep me sane and feeling healthy over the holidays-I challenge you to try them!

1. Say NO.

Contrary to popular belief…”no” is actually a complete sentence! You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. Take a good look at what is being asked of you, or where you are feeling pulled, and say no to anything that doesn’t serve you.

This can be parties, volunteer requests, gift giving, sending holiday cards… get the idea. When you say yes to stuff you hate, you are just dishonoring yourself and your boundaries. You do not need to be Martha Stewart and you do not need to attend everything you are invited to. Be realistic about what you can commit to.

2. Schedule in down time, or “me” time

It’s easy to SAY you will stop and take a breath but if you are the type of person that lives in the busy, it will never happen unless you put it on the calendar. Even just 10 minutes a day to breathe and sit in silence can work wonders for your emotional health. Whether it’s a work out, or a Netflix and chill, be sure to block some time off in your calendar for it. You’re not too busy to take a breather…we all choose how we fill our time!

3. Say no to the white stuff

And Im not talking about snow. The holidays are notoriously glutinous. Baked goods, buffets, and holiday parties with an over abundance of decadent treats! We always have good intentions but this time of year can truly wreak havoc on our bodies if we aren’t careful. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a December you don’t need to detox from in January?

A good rule of thumb is to stay away from anything white when it comes to food. This means anything made with flour, potatoes, pastas, etc. And wine! If you must drink something other than water, cut it with some soda water or seltzer. You will instantly cut the calories and sugar content in half. Eating BEFORE you attend a holiday party is also a good idea, we tend to make bad choices when we are ravenous.

4. Add a gratitude practice to your day

It’s easy to get carried away with the daily demands of the season, and if you are not careful, they can start to feel very stressful. A good way to keep your energy up and not end each day feeling depleted, is to remind yourself to be grateful for something every single day.

Whether you do it right before bed, or get into the habit of giving gratitude during tough situations, it will raise your vibration and remind you what this time of year is truly about. Daily gratitude has been shown to rewire our brains and help shift our mindset.

5. Use essential oils to support your emotional and physical health

I attribute the health of our family to our healthy lifestyle but also the incorporation of certain essential oils. At this time of year, not a day goes by that I don’t have oils in the diffuser and all over our bodies!

I love Onguard for killing germs and boosting immunity; Lavender and Serenity for instilling feelings of calmness and balance; Peppermint for energy and cooling; Deep Blue is a wonderful oil for those achy feet and muscles, after your night out in heels; Frankincense is just a wonderful all purpose oil for keeping your health and mood uplifted, and your skin glowing!

If you can commit to taking these steps, you are sure to have your healthiest holiday season yet!

Happy Holidays!

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