The High Vibe Life Coaching

What does it mean to live a high vibe life?

It starts with alignment. Doing things that feel good to you, that come naturally to you. Finding what your soul's purpose is and doing that. It means your cup is always full. It means you serve yourself before serving others. It means you are operating in a high vibration, which aligns with all the good things in our universe.

It means you are healthy in your mind, body, and soul, and therefore you can set an example for your kids and lead them through a high vibe life as well.
It means you are leading yourself and your family through an empowered life with intention and purpose, and you serve from a place of abundance, love and joy. Not scarcity, exhaustion, and lack. 
I offer a premium, high end lifestyle group coaching package for the woman who is ready to live a high vibe life. You are a go getter. You are an action taker. You believe that you can do it all, with the right guidance. You want to shift your mindset and find your zen. You want to kick start a healthier lifestyle. You are ready to reconnect with your SOUL. You are willing to put in the work to make it happen. You are open to masterminding with a small group of other women who want the same things you do.
3 months of dedication to YOU. Does this sound like something you are ready for? 
Warning-completion of this coaching program may result in improved mood, better skin, weight loss, increased energy and optimism, and an ability to SLAY anything that comes your way. You may make new, lifelong friends who are on the same page. Your life may improve exponentially. Negative nay sayers will start to fall away and your wildest dreams will suddenly be within your reach. 
This program is currently waitlisted. Please contact Sunit for more information or to get on the waitlist.

Small, one day, group workshops are also offered from time to time. Please contact Sunit to request a workshop in your area. Workshops consist of guided meditations, intention setting, and exercises both on your own and with partners that help you get started on becoming more anchored in who you are, and become more intentional about your life. Be prepared to share, be supported, and walk out feeling inspired.

Here is some of what women are saying after attending a workshop:

  • “Loved this. Ive done tons of goal setting work but this was super accessible and clearly laid out. You were generous with your time and your meditation was so powerful” Annika B

  • “OMG. Loved it! Got more out of this than any other self-help workshop” Jana W

  • “Tonight was amazing! It really made me reflect on my life and I can see where I need to change things. Ive been stuck, and these activities will guide me to the life I want” Lindsay

  • “The guided meditation at the beginning completely set the tone and allowed us to embark on very personal journies” Michelle W

  • “We laughed, we cried, we bonded-my only wish is that it was longer”. Amber A

  • “I am in the midst of a big shift. You have given me the tools to appreciate and learn from the experience.” Jenny

Are you ready to live the high vibe life?

Contact me to discuss my private coaching circles, group coaching and speaking services.