The Nursery (Part III)

So, you know you’re expecting twins, you’ve done your homework and picked out some colours and images of ideas that inspire you and now you are ready to put it all together.  How do you go about it? Well, some people are more gifted than others in the decorating department. If you are not one of those women for whom this comes naturally, it is safe to say that you probably know someone for whom it does. A friend, a co-worker, a sister, a mother, or maybe even your husband has an eye for this sort of thing. You won’t know until you ask.

In my case, I do have a knack for these things. Even still, I ran things by my husband and my sister before I would make a final decision. Sometimes I would make a decision and then decide it was the wrong decision! Hey, I was pregnant, so this was allowed. You will change your mind too, and that’s okay. All the time it takes for you to get it perfect will be worth it in the end.

So I knew I wanted simple and modern but fun and cozy. I knew I wanted greens and blues and perhaps some pink if there was a girl in there somewhere. I liked the idea of homemade mobiles and polka dots. You saw a sample of some of the things on my vision board last week. Here is how the boys’ room finally turned out:

I’m a big fan of the motto “if you can’t find what you’re looking for, make it yourself”. The mobiles were inspired by the “string balloon” craft, and we actually made some pink ones just in case we had a girl (or 2). The polka dot decals were ordered online and I was able to use them to decorate one of the Ikea chest of drawers. The mirrors on the wall were purchased from Walmart. They were originally black but I sanded them down and painted them green. I also painted the picture of the monkey on the surf board using some canvas and some stencils. The covering you see on the other chest of drawers is a green textured “seagrass” wallpaper that I got at Home Depot. And both chests of drawers don’t actually come with knobs. I bought the knobs at Home Depot and painted them, and then got my husband to screw them to the drawers. You can’t see it too well in these pictures, but we changed the standard light fixture for a more “funky” light fixture from Ikea. The green shag rug is also from Ikea, and is an inexpensive way to take a room in the direction you want to go. We decided against a rocking chair, and instead opted for a wide sofa style chair from Ikea that we can sit in with both babies. It also has changeable fabric so that we can eventually move it to another area of our home. The room is still a work in progress, and will continue to be as the boys grow, but for  now, I am more than happy with it. It is, and has been, a true labour of love and pretty much everything in there is the result of a vision and a desire to make it happen. Before they were born, I would go into that room and just sit there, admiring  how it made me feel, and hoping that my babies would love it as much as I did. Now, with the amount of time they spend in there, and how happy they seem to be (especially when they look mesmerized by those mobiles-which took me and my sister DAYS to make), I feel that all the work was truly worth it.

I hope this post series has given you some food for thought, and some inspiration to create your own magical little place for your twins.

As usual, I invite pictures and ideas! I’m sure many moms to be would appreciate it!

Have a great week!


  1. mariona on January 25, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    love the nursery!! so warm and cozy – but fun and vibrant (love the pop of bright green)!