Twin Baby Bodies

Most people are so consumed with the news they are having 2 babies, they forget about everything else and focus on that for the next 9 months. Not me. Nope, I’m much more vain. The first thought that popped into my head was “oh my god my body will never be the same”. I have always been into health and fitness, and have worked hard to maintain my tiny physique. Yes I’m petite but if I don’t take care of myself, I can grow soft and wide in a hurry. Not only did I learn I was having twins, but then I was told that I couldn’t workout throughout my pregnancy because it was high risk. Even if I had been able to work out, could I have prevented my tiny flat stomach from stretching out to accommodate 2 babies that would eventually end up weighing almost 11 pounds in total? Oh the stretch marks! Oh the extra skin! Would I end up with the dreaded mummy tummy? Or as we twin moms like to call it..twin skin?

The answer is, yes, I DID end up with those things. But I did a few things while I was pregnant and after (and it’s still a work in progress), that have gotten me from feeling I would NEVER wear a bathing suit again, to feeling like I’m excited to rock a 2 piece next summer. I don’t care if you are 1 week along or 4 months in..go out and invest in some serious creams and oils. It really doesn’t matter what, as long as they are safe in pregnancy, there are tons out there. I like coconut oil. It has multiple uses and is 100% natural. Slather that stuff on 2 or 3 times a day EVERY DAY. Moisturizing keeps your skin elastic, and elastic skin is less prone to stretch marks and less prone to sagging once your massive belly deflates. Try to consume lots of good fats (again, Coconut Oil is great, as is fish oil and things like avocado) and of course, drink tons of water. Also, increasing your intake of vitamin C rich foods will increase your body’s ability to build collagen (essential in maintain elastic, supple skin). is THE website to go to if you want to be motivated to see what your body COULD look like after twins. I found this site right after finding out I was expecting 2 babies, and this woman gave me faith. I ordered her much recommended Belly Binder IMMEDIATELY and use it to this day. Part of the mummy tummy is due to the diastasis that develops (separation in your abdominal muscles) when your belly stretches. In addition to some simple exercises, binding your belly WILL most likely help this saggy pooch revert back to normal. Also, if you are going to have a c section, or end up with one..a belly binder may not be the most comfortable thing to wear initially, so get yourself a belly bandit or cheap elastic fabric and some¬†high-waisted, supportive (think spanx) underwear. Not only will you be thanking me because your insides won’t feel like they are falling out, but it’ll be a nice way to start the belly binding process before you can actually use a binder. Trust me, it’ll be good in the long run.

After delivery you want to continue to moisturize, and if you have those dreaded stretch marks, Bio Oil and Strivectin as well as dry brushing, have worked wonders for me. I am almost 8 months post c-section delivery and although it’s not perfect, my once flat stomach is slowly coming back. When I first saw it after I delivered, I cried. Even 3 months post delivery, when most of my mom friends were bouncing back into their pre pregnancy clothes, I still had this THING..this pooch, this unsightly ugly belly. I am living proof that your diligence in doing all these things will pay off. Prepare now, you won’t have time to be running around buying this stuff after the babies are born!

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