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I’ve been gone awhile…I’ve been busy!

And before you guess what im about to say next…yes I’m busy with twins, but I also have a job that has me travelling a lot right now. And by a lot I mean I’m more likely to be on an airplane than my house when you call me. So in the midst of being a travelling, working mom of twins, how am I keeping it together? I’m not. I try to eat healthy (we are working on going vegan), I try to workout (always pack my workout gear!), and I try to get lots of sleep (as much as I can with all the time zone changes), but I am still feeling sluggish these days. My allergies are at an all time high, I’m drinking a little more wine than I should, and the west to east travel actually does deprive me of sleep. Plus the crappy food that sneaks it’s way into my diet when I’m ravenous and eating hotel food. It’s time to reset. I typically do the Master Cleanse (google it) when I want to reset, but with two babies and an insane travel schedule, I just don’t think I could last on spicy lemonade alone for more than a few hours let alone days. But drinking tasty healthy juice all day for three days? That sounds breezy!

Can I do it? Of course I can! I’m excited! I did a little digging and found this company that supplies you with enough juice to kickstart a cleanse of your choice. Not only do I not have to make my own juice, but THEY DELIVER. If you don’t live in the Vancouver lower mainland area this may not mean much to you…but I live about an hour outside of Vancouver- which is the norm for most people here (since living right in Vancouver is ridiculously unaffordable but that’s a whole other blog post!), so having someone deliver these juices right to my doorstep (for FREE!!!!!) is pretty darn cool.

my special delivery!

my special delivery!

I placed my order online a couple of days ago, intentionally setting this up starting today, knowing I’ll be close to home (and a bathroom) for all three days, and last night, a friendly guy dropped off a nice little box full of three days worth of juice for me. I was so darn excited I wanted to drink it right away but I figured I better polish off my wine and enjoy it while it lasts. I put the juices in the fridge and now I’m ready to get started. Follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook to see how it’s going for me! This modern twin mom stops at nothing to stay energetic for her hubby and her kids, and most of all, for her SELF!!!! Here we go!!!!

can't wait to drink it all!

can’t wait to drink it all!

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