Why I left my 6 Figure Job and What I’m Doing Now

So, for 9 years I had a pretty great dream job. And 2 months ago, I quit.

Why? Well, because it was a dream job, not my dream job. Not anymore. A nice paycheque, large bonuses, company vehicle, the list goes on. It all finally lost its’ appeal.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t hate my job. In fact, I loved a lot about it, especially the people, since I don’t have a lot of family and friends close by. My work relationships were the social connections I nurtured on a daily basis for nine years.

But I was starting to feel like my career wasn’t lining up with the vision I had for my own life anymore. Acknowledging that truth created some inner struggles considering both how I view motherhood and how I grew up.

I think I’m pretty open about the fact that I’m really not the stay-at-home-mom type. Even before becoming a mother, I made a promise to myself that I would always find time to prioritize my passions in life after babies came along. All that being said, quitting my job to “stay at home” was not an option for me. There had to be more.

My father immigrated here from India to give himself and his future family a better life and worked harder than hard to provide that to us. His experience was that you work to put food on the table, not because you love what you do. And while I have the utmost love and respect for all he did, that was not the life I wanted for myself and my family.

In a fairly sudden and certainly unexpected turn of events, I contemplated my own life choices as I watched my father’s life slip away from him.

Two weeks before he passed away, I made the decision to quit my job. It was a long process to think through, but once I made up my mind, I made the phone call. And when I hung up, I felt alive. I felt free. I felt like I suddenly had the space to explore my happiness. I had thought about it a lot and there were certain things that pushed me over the edge, but when I woke up that morning, I hadn’t even discussed it with my husband. It was not planned. The call was made in a brief moment of braveness.


My text message to my hubby after I quit









And truly, I have never looked back. I felt amazing when I hung up from that phone call, and I wake up everyday now feeling amazing. Every morning I know that my day will take the path that I choose. I go to bed at night without worries of a tight deadline or stressful meeting the next day. I can be a mom and a wife and be my own boss.

Aside from an abundance of family time and freedom to choose what I want to do (as if that’s not enough to be grateful for!), I also get to spend my waking hours doing something that truly lights me up: pursuing my passion for inspiring new moms and moms-to-be. I have had such a great experience the last 4 and a half years of being a mom, and I have never felt like I had to sacrifice anything to do that. I still have my own passions and hobbies. I want to inspire all moms to have the same.

I want all moms to have the opportunity to feel this kind of happiness and purpose. I want all moms to figure out their own path to freedom through happiness. We need something outside of our families to be passionate about.

My business and all of my upcoming projects are infused with that theme. That you can have it all. I coach new and expecting moms, I am going to be co-authoring a book, and I am a speaker at various summits and retreats focused on new mothers. All of these projects point to my purpose: inspiring moms to love their life, and do it ALL… without losing themselves. It IS possible because I have been doing it.

I am loving this journey and am so grateful to all of you for joining me. It was important to me to post this today. Because today is my 41st birthday. One year ago today, I was celebrating my 40th, and had no idea that by my next birthday, my dad would no longer be with us. I had no idea what was to come. In many ways, that domino started the chain of events that led me to where I am today. So it’s only cathartic that I “relaunch” today. I hope you like my new site and will sign up to keep up with me, and stay tuned for all the amazing things I have in store! I’m back, and I’m here to stay.